The News Era mission is to make the best conceivable news and open data item and to introduce hard-breaking, national, and international news just as open instructive news. The News Era vision is for the system to be supporter to nations everywhere throughout the world in different local dialects.

The main vision of The News Era changed the systems and there and fight against corruption and bugs in nationwide. The News Era has different categorize news provides, they feel whether a big change in there categorize the changed in the supervision of there administration.

The main vision of The News Era, is to provide corruption free country. That corruption is main bugs of the nation, they week internally and externally, there department , there progress and there people also. There is some people that they support corruption and provide a platform for corruption. These corrupt people working in different departments and also work in main and big government positions. So due to government positions, they are easy to make corrupt environment and provide way to other people to make corruption easy. So that The News Era team work these corrupt people, which is in government position, due to this government position, The News Era team have a difficulties to find corrupt people and work against. Where that The News Era team neglect all of difficulties and work against corrupt people around the world and make corruption free Pakistan.

The News Era team work, also to provide, education free systems, so there team work for education free systems around the nationwide. As we know that, the education systems is week in our country. As we know that there is no two systems in education systems. The first systems is government education systems and the other has none government education systems. These two different education systems work differently in their education. There teaching method, there staff, there study life, books and fees also are big difference so that, The News Era fight against these big difference and work for change  the education systems make it easiest and quality of work. The News Era team also work for a needy persons that, they provide free education for that person which is good work and effort of The News Era news era team.

The News Era vision the difference of family classes. There  is three class of the family, high level class, mid level class and low level class. So due to these difference in family classes there education, way of earning and life style is different. By this different, country not grow. If  the person belong the high level class so that due to his class, he  work hard but difficult to move in mid level class. So due to this different in family classes, The News Era team work day night,  and work against difference in families and provide only one  platform where all the family grow, and work for national also. 

The News Era is also searching for worldwide report likewise to report for The News Era in everywhere throughout the world and furthermore give honest data to their site visitors.

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